Information about BPA

Recently, there has been some attention to polycarbonate bottles because they contain BPA. The FDA has approved polycarbonate bottles for food delivery purposes, but some people have questions about BPA. EartH2O offers 5 gallon BPA-free bottles. Call 877-319-9400 or
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to request more information.

Natural Spring Water Delivery

As we’ve said, water this good is worth sharing with the world. 5-gallon jugs and an ongoing delivery schedule are an easy way to make that happen.

For businesses, your employees and customers get a constant source of healthful, 100% natural water on hand. (Don’t be surprised if you notice your water consumption go up; it happens. We hear about it often and honestly, you’ll find this a good thing.) And because you provide your own containers, you’ve just made a nice dent in the plastic bottle population, too. No need to recycle what’s not there.

The same idea holds true for households… schools… if your drinking water’s not what it should be, or you just want a constant supply of perfection available at all times, EartH2O in the really BIG bottle is the way to go.