Our Commitment to create, maintain and improve conditions under which humans and the environment can exist together productively, allowing each to flourish Socially, Environmentally, and Economically for present and future generations.

 Earth2o pure Oregon Spring Water

•The Water-What’s in the bottle is as important as what isn’t.  Our water comes exclusively from Opal Springs, Oregon.  This water is filtered by thousands of layers of volcanic basalt and it absolutely pristine, protected, and perfect straight from the aquifer.   Sustainability at its best. Discover the Purity by the numbers

•The Single Serve Bottle-Our single serve bottles are 100% recyclable PET (renu), and uniquely enough, 100% Oregon recycled PET as well.  Helping to reduce landfill waste, supporting Oregon’s recycling program, and reducing energy use from recycling and production of the resin compared to using new virgin resin from oil. Fact about PET and rPET.

•The Packaging-We package without cardboard.  No cardboard-no trees to cut down.  Our package overwrap is also 100% recyclable, and of course we would appreciate it if you did.  In 2012 we kept at least 35,000 pounds of cardboard out of the landfills and we are pretty proud of it.

•Recycling– In 2014 EartH₂O recycled more than 90 tons (>180,00 lbs) of plastic film, HDPE milk jugs, corrugated cardboard, PET  plastic bottles (new & re-recycled), and polycarbonate plastic bottles. 2015 is looking just as good with more than 65 tons diverted to recycling by the end of September.

•Our Trucks-Our new trucks are more efficient and get better gas mileage by being designed to reduce wind resistance. They use XE13 powertrain package which cruises at 1,150 rpm saving up to 3% fuel and by using I-Shift automatic transmission it helps our drivers get into the cruising speed more efficiently. The look of these trucks is just a bonus. Read more about the trucks

•Our Facility-Since our water is 100% natural spring water we already have very little waste water but as a result of great vision and planning, we’re capturing overflow water and utilizing it for more projects. Some of these projects include channeling it to our employee garden area and using the water to wash company trucks.  In 2014 EartH2O used over 13 million gallons of water for filling, distilling and sanitation. As of October 2015 we have used 11.9 million gallons and decreased our water used to packages produced by 9.9%  In our continuous effort toward better energy sustainability at our facility we have upgraded the lighting within the facility to more efficient florescent bulbs, but we’re not stopping there so we’re investigating the use of LED lighting. Using motion sensors and timers on the lights we decrease the electricity demand of lighting unoccupied areas of the facility. In 2014 we used 2.3 MKWH of electricity and in 2015 we made investments in new more efficient packaging equipment, helping reduce our energy use to 1.9 MKWH  and improving our use per unit produced by 1.52%. Along with using energy star HVAC equipment and smart thermostats in the office and break room we’ve been able to achieve a greater than 8% reduction in our energy consumption compared to 2014.

These are just a few of the things we are doing as a company to minimize our impact on the environment.  Sustainability leads our thinking and actions here at EartH₂O.


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