Spring Water

100% Earth Made


From the planet that never ceases to amaze and impress.

To view our 2019-2020 annual quality report, click here.

This report provides information on:

  • Water characteristics and contaminant testing
  • How we treat our water
  • Information on the plastic used in our bottles

 Aquifer/ Opal Spring facts:

Opal Springs, source of Earth2o's Pure Oregon Spring Water
Opal Springs:  
  • 108,000 gallons per minute @ 53ºF flowing out of Opal Springs
  • 11,700 gallons per minute(10.8%) maximum diverted to Deschutes Valley Water District tanks and Customers
  • Remainder of the water flows back into the river and into Lake Billy Chinook for everyone to enjoy by boating, fishing, swimming, etc.
  • Flow out of Opal Springs has been consistent since being measured in 1921 – no difference in flow or water quality during prior droughts or now.
  • Spring Water:

    Earth2o is spring water in its natural state. Uncomplicated. Uncompromised. Water this perfect is worth sharing with the world.

    It comes from a single pristine source in Central Oregon. Methodically filtered by time and thick layers of volcanic basalt. It isn’t “made” or manufactured in any way.

    To us, that’s “natural.” For other bottled waters, it’s not always so simple.

    Many other “natural” waters can come from above-ground sources (rainwater, rivers, etc.) but depend on surprisingly wasteful methods to become safe and drinkable. A common process uses reverse osmosis, where pollutants and up to 99% of the spring water’s natural occurring minerals can be stripped from source water through a series of filters. But cleaning the filters themselves requires several times as much energy and water as what’s being produced. For every gallon of drinkable water, as many as 8 gallons can be spent.

    It gets better: Water made via reverse osmosis usually requires additional processing to “taste right”, with certain minerals added back to it before ultimately being bottled and shipped away. Without the right mineral balance, some “drinking waters” will actually remove important elements from your body over time, calcium being a big one.

    So know where your water is really coming from—the source, the surroundings, the processes it’s put through.

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