Good news: our 18-wheelers only have 14 wheels. So? By running our Class 8 trucks with single wheels instead of the more common double axles, we roll on less rubber, which means less fuel used in transportation and less wear and tear on the road.

Fact: we have 300 days of bright sun in Central Oregon. Fact: solar power is a reality. We are in talks with one of Oregon’s largest solar energy companies, our sights set on being the largest independent company in the state to run entirely on electricity from solar panels. We are hoping to have this up and running in 2010.

When you see a 24-pack of EartH2O on the shelf, what do you not see? Cardboard. We were the first bottled water company to eliminate cardboard in our packaging, and using only recyclable plastic wrap to keep our bottles together. We reworked our distribution process to accommodate this. Keeping 35,000 pounds of cardboard out of the landfills every year is worth it.