All natural: means all the way natural

“Purification.” “Treatment.” When it comes to guaranteeing purity, no man-made production can compete with the thousands of layers of deep, underground volcanic basalt our water sees before it sees the light of day. EartH2O’s entire “process” consists of running the water through micron filters to remove any traces of naturally occurring sediment, then exposing it to ultraviolet light and ozone for additional sanitizing before being capped.

Done. End of story.

Interesting side note: Because EartH2O comes from the same source that supplies a large area of Central Oregon with their drinking water, that water is subject to strict regulatory oversight for matters of public safety. That means our water, EartH2O, is too. A majority of other “natural” and “spring-fed” waters (sourced from surface pools) have no health and safety requirements other than those they self-impose. Unfortunately, these are the waters that make headlines when they’re tested and shown to have unusual levels of stuff you don’t want to be putting in your body.