Our Story

From Day One, EartH2O’s mission has been to do business the right way.

Three core principles, plus a practice of giving back, guide our decisions and make us the company we are. Our mission, for every day, starts here.

Sustainable Water

EartH2O is one of the first U.S. bottled water companies to use 100% 20150303_140216_Richtone(HDR)Oregon recycled plastic (rPET) to make our bottles, renü bottles produced by EartH2O are truly unique. No virgin resin means that our bottle’s life cycle is a closed loop within our own state. This means we reduce landfill waste, support our state economy and show how Recycling Plastic can work for everyone. Recycled-PET_Sustainable-Option-in-Thermoformed-Plastic-PackagingBest for the environment


Environmental Responsibility


Our 18-wheelers are designed to reduce wind resistance. They use XE13 powertrain package which cruises at 1,150 rpm saving up to 3% fuel and by using I-Shift automatic transmission it helps our drivers get into the cruising speed more efficiently. The look of these trucks is just a bonus. Read more about the trucks


When you see a 24-pack of EartH2O on the shelf, what do you Not see? Cardboard. We were the first bottled water company to eliminate cardboard in our packaging and use only recyclable plastic over-wrap to keep our bottles together. We completely reworked our distribution process to accommodate this. Keeping 35,000 pounds of cardboard out of the landfills and thousands of trees in the forest every year is worth it.

From October of 2014 to October of 2015 Earth2o was able to recycle more than 156.74 tons of material (PET, HDPE, Polycarbonite, and Cardboard). This diverted 78.24% of our  waste products from going to the land fill. Recycling PET and RPET accounted for 89.62 tons of that total, which means it went off to be used again.


Natural Pure Water

Where the water starts

Where the water starts its journey

“Purification.” “Treatment.” When it comes to guaranteeing purity, no man-made production can compete with the thousands of layers of deep, underground volcanic basalt our water sees before it sees the light of day. EartH2O’s entire “process” consists of running the water through micron filters to remove any traces of naturally occurring sediment, then exposing it to ultraviolet light and ozone for additional sanitizing before being capped.

Done. End of story.

Spring Flow

Where the water resurfaces

Interesting side note: Because EartH2O comes from the same source that supplies a large area of Central Oregon with their drinking water, that water is subject to strict regulatory oversight for matters of public safety. That means our water, EartH2O, is too. A majority of other “natural” and “spring-fed” waters (sourced from surface pools) have no health and safety requirements other than those they self-impose. Unfortunately, these are the waters that make headlines when they’re tested and shown to have unusual levels of stuff you don’t want to be putting in your body.



Giving Back

If we can’t be out fundraising, racewalking, distance-running, coaching youth sports, and trail-maintaining ourselves, we’re going to support the good people in our communities who are. Meet some of the causes and events we’re proud to be a part of here.


For donation requests (product only) click here, fill out the form, and submit. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can, but please allow at least 14 days before your event for us to process your request.


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