OCB – Oregon Cold Brew


Cold Brewed Nitro Coffee, from Earth2O

Earth2O Water

Earth2o is spring water in its natural state. Uncomplicated. Uncompromised. Water this perfect is worth sharing with the world.It comes from a single pristine source in Central Oregon. Methodically filtered by time and thick layers of volcanic basalt. It isn’t “made” or manufactured in any way.

Many other “natural” waters can come from above-ground sources (rainwater, rivers, etc.) but depend on surprisingly wasteful methods to become safe and drinkable. A common process uses reverse osmosis, where pollutants and up to 99% of the spring water’s natural occurring minerals can be stripped from source water through a series of filters. But cleaning the filters themselves requires several times as much energy and water as what’s being produced.


Small-batch cold brew blends assure our coffee has a super smooth taste and perfect roast.


We’re infusing coffee with nitrogen for a naturally creamy head and sweet flavors, and cascading velvety bubbles that give a smooth rich taste, right from a tap handle!

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Order OCB and Where to Find

To order kegs of our fantastic nitro coffee, please Contact Us directly!

Look for OCB Nitro Coffee at grocery stores, taphouses, and events near you.