Earth2o Opal Springs pure Oregon water

Opal Springs:

  • 108,000 gallons per minute @ 53ºF flowing out of Opal Springs
  • 11,700 gallons per minute(10.8%) maximum diverted to Deschutes Valley Water District tanks and Customers
  • Remainder of the water flows back into the river and into Lake Billy Chinook for everyone to enjoy by boating, fishing, swimming, etc.
  • Flow out of Opal Springs has been consistent since 1921 – no difference in flow or water quality during prior droughts or now.
  • We use about 12,000,000gallons of water per yearthat is the equivalent of 17 hours of maximum flow to DVWD!  That works out to 0.195% of the total annual flow to DVWD.
  • We pay the market value for Spring Water – that is $0.01/gallon.  Residential Customers pay $0.001/gallon.
  • Because we are primarily a Spring Water bottler – we utilize 95% of the water we purchase, that means it takes just over a gallon of water to produce a gallon of finished product.
  • When you compare that to companies, like Nestle’s & Niagara, who use 1.5-2.0 gallons of water to produce a gallon of finished product.  Those companies utilize Reverse Osmosis to clean municipal water sources and because it is not as pure at the source, they take a lot of minerals out of the water.  That waste stream out of the RO units is then sent to the city waste plants for handling.
  • Even the extra water that we use is being captured – we use that water for:
    • Employee Gardens
    • Washing our Trucks & Trailers
    • Facility Restrooms (later this summer)
    • High pH Water – we’ve discovered we can turn the water that would be lost from distillation and make it into another healthy product. This helps us to reduce waste and utilize of every drop we pull into the facility.
  • We see Opal Springs as a natural resource and it is in our best interests to protect and preserve the source.  We only take the water we need, we don’t waste it and we are dedicated to preserving it for generations to come.

Our story is compelling, especially in light of all the negative press the “big” water bottlers are facing.  Let us know if you have more question.

Recycled PET Bottles: PET redux

  • Sourced from Oregon’s PET recycling program ORPET
  • 100% recycled PET plastic


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