Energy and the Environment

EartH₂O has been working to reduce our energy use, lower our waste, and monitor the greenhouse gas(GHG) output emissions of our energy consumption. Here are a few numbers we want to show and how we are working to continually improve.
In 2014 we estimated that our use of electricity for 10 months produced approximately 741 metric tons of CO2, but in 2015 for the same 10 months we were able to reduce that number to 674 tons. This means we were able to reduce our production of CO2 by almost 70 tons, check out appliance stores in san diego. We like that our efforts are showing progress but we’re not stopping there.

If you’ve read our Sustainability page you can see that we are working on many areas to reduce our use and increase our functionality.  We will continue to report our progress and what we learn along the way.

Calculation formulated on http://www2.epa.gov/energy/greenhouse-gas-equivalencies-calculator