and yet another milestone in environmental stewardship. . .


renü bottles by EARTH2O are truly unique; they are made in our facility from 100% recycled PET plastic pellets from recycled bottles that have been ground into flake and systematically cleansed to eliminate all contaminants.  The flake is then converted into recycled plastic pellets that our specially engineered equipment then converts into bottle preforms. Those preforms are then taken to our bottle blowing machinery and are blown into the bottles that hold pure, clean, and perfect EARTH2O spring water.  We add a little blue color to give our bottles their signature light blue tint because rPET in its basic form has a slight yellowish-grey tint. That color doesn’t make pure spring water look very pure, Right?

By using 100% recycled PET plastic, our production process uses 45% less energy and emits 65% less CO2 than the production of a virgin (all new/no recycled content) PET bottle.  We are really proud to have developed a closed loop system where each bottle can be recycled and rebuilt over and over again and use less energy then working with virgin resin.  It is a winning proposition for you, us, and the Earth itself.