Holiday Miracles. . .

This last weekend I put up my Christmas tree. Every year I think about how weird of a tradition it is to cut down a tree, drag it into the house, and then decorate it with all kinds of lights and sentimental ornaments. They make a mess, they’re expensive, and really, this tradition makes no sense in the context of the holiday. It’s a strange tradition; a holdover from years past with roots forgotten long ago, but I guess it’s so much fun that we stick with it. I do love the way the tree smells, and seeing the joy it brings my family is a Christmas miracle in itself.  I do secretly always hope that after I put it up a small woodland animal that was hiding inside will jump out, but then I think of that scene from the movie Christmas Vacation and change my mind.

“Taking cuts” is still not okay. . .

You know how sometimes you’re at the checkout counter at the store and there are two open cash registers but only one line. The thing to do in this situation is wait in that one line; it’s very obvious. This last weekend I was in this one line, and a guy walked past the line and up to the other register. Against my better judgment I pointed out that there was a line. He pointed out that there was no line at this register. I plainly said, “Yeah, there’s just one line for both registers.” Still, all very obvious, courteous talk. He then proceeds to threaten to beat me up, and the person who was walking to the other register walks right past it and leaves the store, dropping her merchandise on the way out. There’s just no reasoning with these line cutters. I just waited my turn, and told myself I’d claimed the moral high ground.

Trying to Get the Better Deal.

You know how your gym is always offering better deals to newcomers than they’re giving to people who have been going there for years. Have you ever called them on it and tried to get the new-person deal? It’s impossible. You’re better off leaving the gym and then going back as a new person, but of course they always have a rule where they won’t let you get away with that either. Cable companies, on the other hand, you can always strong-arm into giving you the newcomer deal. But it only works if you have two cable companies who can offer you the same service. You don’t even have to threaten to leave, you just tell them that you’re going to call the other guys to see what they’ll offer, and they’ll give you nearly anything to keep you on the phone. It feels good to benefit from competition and hold all the cards in at least one aspect of my life. Keep it Real.

Wine Tasting

Last weekend while visiting family I ended up going wine tasting, which is a pretty rare event for me. When I drink wine it’s usually when I am at a social event and can’t seem to find anything else to consume. The thing I can’t stand about wine is that people compare the way it tastes to things like “dirty leaves on a damp autumn day” and “wet leather.” I don’t want my drink to taste like either of those things, and even when I drink wine that people describe in such a hyperbolic way, it still tastes like grape juice that’s gone bad. So at one tasting room there was this woman across the room who kept describing her wine as tasting “austere, like calf liver” over and over, to anyone who would listen. Why is it that people are driven to describe wine in the most obscure, and often disgusting way possible. You never get that kind of craziness at a brewery.  You’ll also never get that from EartH2O; pure, clean, natural, and refreshing are just a few of the terms equated to our amazing spring water.  Keep it Real.

Maintaining The Cooler in your Home or Office

While our Home and Office Delivery does include periodic cycling of water coolers, we thought it would be helpful to have instructions for the proper cleaning of your bottled water cooler.   This procedure uses unscented household liquid bleach as a cleaning agent.   Before you begin, gather the following items:

•Clean disposable latex or non-latex gloves •Lint-free paper towels or clean, dry, lint free linen cloths or towels

•Clean, long handled dish brush.  The long handle is necessary to reach the bottom of the reservoir.

•Plastic scrubbing pad.  Never use soaps or detergents, steel wool or any other abrasives on the reservoir!

•1 tsp. measuring spoon

•A calibrated container (example: a 2 gallon pail)

•Unscented household liquid bleach

•A 1-gallon bottle of EartH2O spring or distilled water

Step 1:  Unplug the power cord!

Step 2:  Remove the 5 gallon bottle from your machine.

Step 3:  From the Cold Faucet, drain all water from the cooler into your bucket.  Discard the water.

Step 4:  Remove no-spill device and cooler top (see figure 1).  Look in reservoir to see if there is a removable baffle, and if so, remove it.

Step 5:  If water is still in the cooler drain it out.  If the reservoir has an ice ring in it add hot water to melt the ring and completely drain the reservoir.  Do NOT spill water outside of the reservoir into the interior of the cooler.

Step 6:  Prepare a cleaning solution in the calibrated container by adding 1 tsp. of bleach to each gallon of water.

Step 7:  Wearing your protective gloves, immerse the lint free towel and or the scrub brush into the cleaning solution.  Squeeze all excess cleaning solution from the towel and aggressively clean all surfaces of the reservoir interior.  Do NOT pour cleaning solution directly into the reservoir.

Step 8:  Rinse the reservoir.  Carefully fill the reservoir with your 1 gallon of EartH2O to 1/2 inch from the top of the reservoir.  Completely drain the rinse water from the reservoir through the cold faucet.

Step 9:  Use the same cleaning solution cloth and/or brush to clean the baffle, the cooler top, the drip receptor, the no-spill device, and the faucets.  Be sure not to get the air filter wet.  Use the rest of your 1 gallon bottle of EartH2O to thoroughly rinse these parts.

Step 10:  Reinstall all parts:  baffle, cooler top, no-spill device, and faucets.

Step 11:  Put a new 5 gallon bottle on your cooler and drain two cups of water from each faucet, or until there is no evidence of a chlorine taste or odor.  Dry all spilled water on the cooler and floor. Step 12:  Plug cooler back into the outlet.  Allow about 45 minutes for the water to reach the appropriate temperature.