Trying to Get the Better Deal.

You know how your gym is always offering better deals to newcomers than they’re giving to people who have been going there for years. Have you ever called them on it and tried to get the new-person deal? It’s impossible. You’re better off leaving the gym and then going back as a new person, but of course they always have a rule where they won’t let you get away with that either. Cable companies, on the other hand, you can always strong-arm into giving you the newcomer deal. But it only works if you have two cable companies who can offer you the same service. You don’t even have to threaten to leave, you just tell them that you’re going to call the other guys to see what they’ll offer, and they’ll give you nearly anything to keep you on the phone. It feels good to benefit from competition and hold all the cards in at least one aspect of my life. Keep it Real.