Wine Tasting

Last weekend while visiting family I ended up going wine tasting, which is a pretty rare event for me. When I drink wine it’s usually when I am at a social event and can’t seem to find anything else to consume. The thing I can’t stand about wine is that people compare the way it tastes to things like “dirty leaves on a damp autumn day” and “wet leather.” I don’t want my drink to taste like either of those things, and even when I drink wine that people describe in such a hyperbolic way, it still tastes like grape juice that’s gone bad. So at one tasting room there was this woman across the room who kept describing her wine as tasting “austere, like calf liver” over and over, to anyone who would listen. Why is it that people are driven to describe wine in the most obscure, and often disgusting way possible. You never get that kind of craziness at a brewery.  You’ll also never get that from EartH2O; pure, clean, natural, and refreshing are just a few of the terms equated to our amazing spring water.  Keep it Real.