Sustainable Practices-The right way to do business.


Earth2o is literally at the leading edge of environmental stewardship in beverage bottling.  In 2010 we became the first bottled water company in the world to use 100% recycled PET plastic in our bottles, creating a truly “cradle to cradle” process that could someday allow a static supply of PET to meet all new bottling needs.  All we need is folks to recycle! We also developed an ability to create our bottles at our own plant, eliminating the carbon emission required to transport empty bottles to our plant. From motion activated warehouse lighting to a planned solar array for our bottling facility, Earth2o continues to aggressively implement and explore energy saving methods and procedures.  To us it isn’t just “going green,” it’s also a highly sensible way to do business. We’re blessed with a truly exceptional, inhumanly pure water source to provide our customers and we’re anxious to do everything we can to keep the environment that created that source pristine.  We aim to live up to our motto – Keep it Real.